The time has come for Ms. Clintonstonewall to face the music; Donald Trump will see to that! Not only facing the music but feeling the drums beat her into political oblivion. Trump has honed his campaign like a virtuoso and to such a degree that nobody has escaped his wrath. Road kill devastation litters the political highway, one by one Trump has disposed of his adversaries.

Hillary Clinton is next, a short order for “The Donald” because Hillary has a track record of lies, deceit, obfuscation and much much more. Once she steps into the debate box, all of her transgressions will be exposed, from Whitewater to Benghazi, nothing will be left unturned. The mother of all debate awaits us, it will send a pulse of electricity right through Ms. Clintonstonewall; she will waver like a willow in an Iowa wind. Millions of people the world over have been waiting for this moment, Trump’s kill button is ready to fire. However, world wide expect a Billion people who are hungry to watch this “HUNGER GAME.”

Although the campaign is a few months distant Trump is a master at the lambaste. Of course Hillary and Bill are both subject to his taunting at the early stage; this is what Trump does best. However, things are going as planned for the Liar Clinton, the latest poll shows her in a tight race, matter of fact some polls show her inhaling Trump’s fumes. trumptime

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