Let’s get ready to rumble. The main event featuring Hillary the Liar in the Right corner, Bernie the Socialist Sanders in Left corner. Wow these are exciting times when watching Democrats spilling their own blood; nice to see them attack each other with the venom of a cobra. Nevada, once the home of many world class heavyweight fights saw a major spat last night. Oh boy did they ever, stuff like this is only supposed be seen on pay-per view. CLICK HERE to get the full story from Fox News.

Sanders supporters, riled by the news that nearly five dozen people were not given delegate status, said the results were skewed. Convention Credential Committee Co-Chair Leslie Sexton said 64 Sanders delegates – almost double Sanders’ eventual 33 delegate shortfall – were disqualified for various reasons and not given the opportunity to appeal, The Hill reported.

Sexton initially said she was not allowed to give a report about Sanders’ delegates – for an unspecified reason – but she eventually presented her findings once chants of “recount” and “let her speak” broke out, The Hill reported.

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