The numerous times we written about Puerto Rico one thing has been stressed: Puerto Rico is a WELFARE PARADISE. An island that has been on the dole for three or more decades. A Greece in hiding. But now the waves are slamming its shores. Financial waves slamming at the largesse of government. The time has come to cough up the loot. Puerto Rico like all deadbeats says, well you know what they have said, f…y.. This does not sit well with many of their creditors. They take exception at being treated with disdain.

But all is not lost yet, Uncle Sam is coming to the rescue with strings. Those strings seem to be tougher than the Puerto Rican enablers like. In true fashion, Burn-ee Sanders weighed in on the subject. He, is not taking the hot Puerto Rican sun lightly as he vehemently spilled out a diatribe on why we should pour more money into the parasitic island. Click here for Burn-ee’s invective.

The Vermont senator writes in a letter released Monday that the deal reached last week between the White House and House Republicans and Democrats would empower an “unelected and undemocratic oversight board” and allow the governor of Puerto Rico to slash the minimum wage to $4.25 an hour for up to five years.

As noted below, sometimes strings are attached.

Sanders warned that the control board would have the power to cut the budget, slash pensions and take other measures. He notes that most of the control board would be chosen by Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

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