Bernie, you did a good job and did it SURPRISINGLY well; you almost brought the Lying Clinton to the brink. Eight years ago an unknown Senator from Illinois appeared on the scene, with lessons learned in the Hood, Barack Obama tore her apart like a hungry lion. You came close to taking her down once again; it didn’t work out, but you can still make an impact. Your campaign energized millions, young and old , they were attracted to your message. You were a straight shooter, but let’s set the record straight; you could not win,

Hillary had stolen the primaries before you began your quest for the upset of upsets. Years of patronizing women, Blacks, Latinos, she wrapped it up before you started. However, you Bernie, can put it to Hillary, make her feel the BERN in November by giving her what the FBI didn’t. PUNISH HER the way Barack Obama did in 2008, bring her down. The word on the street says Clinton is now supporting a $15 per hour minimum wage, it is to be part of the Party Platform. We call this appeasement. Clinton is trying to draw support from your people by conniving them into accepting her. This is another one of her con jobs. Once in the $15 will be thrown to the wind.

In one word Bernie, tell your troops to WALK in November. You are a man of principles, you have shown that, your minions have very high morals, she is the epitome corruption. Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar, you know that Bernie, your constituency knows that. She will say anything to win. Do the right thing Bernie, GIVE HER THE BERN in November. If you don’t, your supporters will be disappointed beyond belief. Your political career finished. Do you want to be remembered as the man who caved? You can make a difference by saving America from the most devious corrupt politician of the past century.

You say it is too late, it is not. Throw your support for the Green Party or the Independent Party. They will syphon enough votes enabling Donald Trump to win. Do it Bernie, endorse them before it is too late; do it do it for America, her future is at stake.

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