On going investigations aside, having Attorney General Loretta Lynch secretly meet with Slick Willie on the tarmac in Arizona goes beyond the pale. Lying Hillary undergoing a criminal investigation by the Justice Department, the focus of a more than year long investigation, the Clinton Foundation too being investigated for violations of American law for receiving inauspicious donations from foreign entities. Click here for Trump’s take on the meeting. Now Attorney General Lynch can be classified as Lying Lynch. Does anybody truly believe that their meeting was a coincidence? does anybody believe they disgussed Bill’s grandchildren and his golf game? This meeting manifests the chutzpah of Slick Willie and his wife. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Lying Hillary pushed her husband out to talk to Lynch. 

This meeting is a perfect example of why Lynch should not have been chosen as attorney general. She is an “air head.” The investigation into Lying Hillary has now been compromised. The story continues as Lynch says she will accept “the final recommendation.” We will be patiently waiting for their recommendation.

The following is a list of the Ten Republicans who voted for Lynch to be Attorney General. The Senate voted 56-43 this afternoon to confirm Loretta Lynch as Attorney General. Ten Republicans voted for confirmation: Kelly Ayotte, Ron Johnson, Mark Kirk, Rob Portman, Thad Cochran, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch and Mitch McConnell.


President Obama, has the knack of sticking his nose into places where it doesn’t belong, went “full retard” on the REMAIN camp. Well, well, well, it did not turn out so good. Cameron also took a uppercut to the chin including a straight right to the solar plexus; knockout! But what is the real meaning here? And how can we equate that with our November election?

First things first, the European Union‘s head office is in Brussels Belgium, it is a bureaucratic bungling machine that spits out rules and regulations faster than a Gatling gun. The Brits were having none of it – the most egregious element being free travel across borders of the 28 member states. Germany’s Angela Merkel set the record straight on cross border travel, “If you wish to have free access to the single market then you have to accept the fundamental European rights as well as obligations that come from it. This is as true for Great Britain as for anybody else.”

The above mentioned Cameron, England’s Prime Minister, suffered a stunning and humiliating defeat indeed. Many on the REMAIN side are bewildered by the vote, but they fail to recognize that democracy is a two way street; subtract London from the results, a majority of people voted to leave. (this is the case with most big cities who are inhabited by illegals). The Brits have a short memory, for they whited out the fact of the Colonies breaking from Great Britain 240 years ago. It now has happened in reverse.

The LEAVE vote was another “shot heard around the world.” Quoting Cameron,” at the end of the day I am a democrat. I fought very hard for what I believed in. I threw my heart in head, body and soul to keep Britain in the E.U. and I didn’t succeed.”Circle of 12 gold stars on a blue background When you have a Conservative throwing in with the Liberals then you know there is trouble in the heartland.

This brings us to the United States of Dis-America. On one side are the REMAINS on the other side are the LEAVES. Democrats vs Republican, Blue vs Red. Obama vs the Constitution, Progressives against the Rule of Law. Soon the freedoms we all enjoy will be usurped by the progressive authoritarian. Political correctness became the new paragon; telling it like it is was an offense worthy of media retribution who are controlled by the liberals. They tow the progressive line or else!

However, once again the United States finds itself in disarray, a Y in the road. A shift by the liberal machine into high gear, with Obama in the driver’s seat has diluted American culture to the “nth” degree. Allowing millions of illegals stay in this country, doubling down by saturating cities with Middle Eastern radicals who follow the script of Jihad. Sharia law practice now common in many enclaves opted out of our legal system.

The Brave American, the defender of liberty, justice and democracy has seen his/her rights usurped by politically correct justices (Sotomayor is the worst) who write legislation from the bench. Remember Sotomayor going off with the mouth, “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

But the bottom line here confuses us. Why in the heck do those Blacks, the intelligentsia, not turn tail against politically correctness? The Black Community has withered on the vine during the past decade, ignored by Obama, the Blacks are now at the Back of the Bus once again. Latino/Hispanic communities are sucking up the life blood (federal funds) that would normally accrue to Blacks. How did this happen? Why did the Blacks turn a blind eye to the government? Putting this into perspective, the millions of illegals are like a vacuum cleaner. In education alone they demand bilingual teachers, Obamacare require Spanish speaking doctors and healthcare workers. For the sake of us, we don’t understand why the Blacks stand idly by as the funds, once headed to their communities, took a “U” turn in the middle of the night. It does not make sense. Second hand citizens once again, many Blacks are wondering where they went wrong, but the truth is that their hand picked Representatives sold them out. Education and job opportunities have all but disappeared, filled by Latinos and illegals. Where is the uproar?

The rise of Trump should not be a surprise to anyone, as in England, a storm was blowing; from the Tea Party Days of yore (1773) to the Tea Party days of today, this was not a tempest in a Tea Pot, but an underbelly of pent up frustration with Big Government. Sick and tired of talked down to, told what to do, how to educate their children and what to eat, We The People woke up from their long tenure of silence. Now erupting full steam, the mainstream political elites are running for cover faster than the Road Runner as he is being chased by Wile E. Coyote. Roadrunner looney tunes.png