There is no question about the audacity to bring out the parents of a Muslim Army Captain killed in battle. They were pimped out by the Clinton campaign. This is so out of line, but expected by the Democrat party who reached a new low. All Americans feel bad when one of our brave men gives up his life, no matter what his ethnicity or religion. Having a Clinton side show manifesting the fact that we have nothing to be afraid of when it comes to Muslims is such a fallacious argument that it is plain unbelievable.

Did you see the Republicans bring out the mothers and fathers of the 25 servicemen  – thirteen were brutally murdered – in the Fort Hood massacre. Obama called this WORKPLACE VIOLENCE. We know who this guy was, a Muslim Jihadist? Obama murdered these thirteen because of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Can you hear Obama shouting from the top of his lungs, “allahu akbar?”

Did you see the Republicans bring out the servicemen who were put in harms way by Bergdahl the deserter? And the the Democrats PIMP out the parents bragging about his patriotism. We wonder how many catastrophic incidents were vetted to find this guy and how did they convince him to speak at the convention? Who wrote the speech anyway. To go at Trump like a hungry animal is an example of what Hillary plans in the days ahead. Apparently this guy did not give two cents about Hillary murdering our boys in Benghazi. Who the hell is he kidding. Hillary is a murderer. Did the Trump bring out Chris Stevens Mother and Father?

The father holds up a copy of the Constitution and asked if Trump ever read it. What does this Pakistani  know about Democracy? Apparently believing what the liberal liars tell him.  He is an attorney but turns a blind eye to the truth. He is a shill for the Liberal Progressive movement who have usurped our rights on guns, speech, laws, regulations etc. His President, Obama, has been shot down by the Supreme Court over and over again. The last big defeat was a carte blanche edict allowing illegals to remain in America.

Holding up the Constitution is an afront to the signers of the Constitution, an insult to Thomas Jefferson who authored it. Obama has stacked the court with anti constitutionalist, those who legislate from the bench. He has humiliated our Framers, Patriots who live by the creed of John Locke and the Revolutionaries who gave their life for the slime to enter our country because they did not care about theirs.obamamaskisisgadsdenflagflag1776

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