We are now in the beginning stages of a worldwide currency collapse. The end of the Keynesian experiment is near, coming to a conclusion in a massive implosion; a black hole that will suck the life blood out of countries, states and cities; a worldwide default. This will inevitably result in civil war, city destruction and country conflict. Bringing an end to the calamity will all but be impossible.

Civil servants will not be paid, thus they will join the billions of denizens whose only thought is TO destroy. Parasites feasting on the public dole, rampaging cities in a violent rage. Gun fire by National Guards not enough to quell the insurrection. Private citizens will have to take the law into their own hands. Military armories emptied of weapons in the hands of “We the People” will pick off one by one the parasitic leach. Take charge of your life now, be prepared, build your own arsenal because when the inner city erupts the burbs will be next. Under these circumstances only a personal weapon will save you and your family. Starvation, lack of food, water and energy will drive the mob, taking no prisoners as they swarm and pillage whatever they can.

Interest rates have gone negative – deposit a million and one year later they give you back $990,000. You say it ain’t so, try Japan, try Germany. The world is one more black swan event from the mother of all fiat currency tsunamis spreading to state destruction. There is no stopping the calamity and financial devastation of paper money to come. The only insurance against this tide of wallpaper printing is GOLD. It always has been and always will, it cannot be printed, it lasts for ever and is universally accepted.

With Brexit, the once almighty pound collapsed against the dollar and gold which surged ahead and will continue to mount a parabolic rise to heights not unseen since 1980. The implosion along with the monetary collapse of nations will drive many of the progressives to suicide ahead of violent mobs. The hangman’s noose will be waiting to string up the traitors. Like hanging fish out to dry, these do-gooders will finally get the justice they deserve.

Happy Independence Day America, celebrate what may be the last happy July 4th for years to come. Tyranny is not beyond the realm of possibility. The United States is closer to REXIT. After seeing Britain BREXIT we are under no illusion that it can’t happen here. IMG_6683

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