FBI Director Comey is the butt end of bad jokes, a buffoon, a YES MAN taken to the cleaners. The question is what did he say; is he going to let Hillary drive the narrative. Come clean Comey? America wants to know what he knows and didn’t say. It seems odd that there was no one else present when he interviewed the Lying Clinton on top of not taking notes on the questions asked and the answers given. She was not put under oath. This is in violation of accepted procedure. An independent investigation is warranted. The truth must come out. The lying Clinton is walking away from a ten month investigation costing millions and Comey basis everything on a meek description of carelessness or criminal intent. We know the intent was criminal. She did not turn over 25 emails that the FBI found; why not? they incriminated here and the Clinton Foundation. Why no arrest, why no RICO charge? This is hypocrisy gone wild. America will not stand for separate legal system where the likes of Clinton and Corozine get away running scams and lying under oath; pleading ignorance. 

The liberal elites running Washington have had their way long enough, but when it comes to murder, grand theft, selling state secrets, compromising America’s security someone, somewhere must be held responsible. And that person is Hillary Clinton; Jail the Bird.

 We want to know how many times Comey spoke to Attorney General Lynch before he testified to Congress. We also want to know why the decision not to prosecute the Corrupt Clinton was left to Lynch who by meeting with Slick Willie was in no position to render an independent decision. Definitely a conflict of interest. Similar to Al Scarface Capone meeting with the head of the IRS.

Americans are on the verge of revolt because of a corrupt government where their elected officials steal billions and get away with it.

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