How is it possible that today’s Bonnie and Clyde have not been apprehended? Bonnieclyde f.jpgFBI director James Comey did not prosecute because of the evidence did not dictate that to be so. However, Comey’s independence must be brought to light. He was dictated to by the Clinton cabal. From Obama down to Lynch to the DNC to Clinton herself Comey had a pistol pointed to his head. As in the Godfather, either his brains or signature was to be on the result. Comey chose signature.

Clinton is a downright bold faced liar. So far the FBI has reclaimed 15,000 emails not handed over by Clinton. The time has come to JAIL THE BIRD. New revelations detail the method utilized to clean the server; no it was not a cloth but a program designed to delete the emails for good. This was an indication of premeditation. Destroying evidence that could be used against you. Hillary knew in advance what  to do and how to do it. We at the NBTP demand a polygraph test. Will she pass? That is a question that must be answered. Once a liar always a liar, road kill results in anyone questioning Clinton’s veracity. Trump is the only one who can stop her now. The corrupt government has been bought off. The do nothing Congress cannot be counted on to stop this power grab.

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