Tonight will see a down and out dirty slugfest; when it is over one man will be left standing, the other will have hit the canvas with a thud, just like she did in New York. A straight right will send her into seizure mode, paralyzed for good; no comeback but only a blank stare. No secret service agent there to prop her up, no cornermen administering styptic pencil to stop the bleeding; no smelling salts either.

The only thing waiting for here when the bloody debate is over is a a stretcher loaded into a waiting lorry which will take her to ER. The lying killer will have  finally met her match. The only thing we have to say about this legal mugging is that why couldn’t it have been an illegal alien administering the punishment.

Well the first debate is over. Hillary lied , lied, and lied. She consistently brought up Trump’s personal life rather than her personal transgressions. But this was the first debate, two more to go. 

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