He disposed of the odds on favorite, repelled one challenger after another, fought off an onslaught of criticism from party stalwarts who by the way accepted his largess then ganged up on him like rabid dogs, but to no avail. Now this iconoclast is in position to immolate Hillary ” Jail the Bird” Clinton’s final run at the White House.

They say it couldn’t be done; what did this newcomer know about politics? We pivot you to the Democrat primaries of 2008. Remember back when Hillary Clinton was to be anointed, but a junior senator from Illinois by the name of Barack Hussein Obama dispensed with her quicker than Ali’s dropping of Sonny Liston. In Hillary Clinton you get what you see, a liar, a patronizer,position switcher, a killer all in one; any other person on this planet would now be spending time in the brink.  The time has come for America to send the bird to jail.

Every day, there is no let up on the damage Clinton has done to the United States. Benghazi keeps coming back and it should. Clinton was responsible for security at our Benghazi Embassy, she shirked that responsibility and four brave men paid the ultimate price. The FBI uncovered 17,448 work related and personal emails that were never produced. These emails are not only the smoking gun, but they are a testament to the lies Clinton tells on a daily basis. She thinks we are so stupid that as time goes by we will forget criminal transgressions. (click here for the latestAgain we call on Attorney General Loretta Lynch to indict her. 

Donald Trump’s campaign and congressional Republicans are pushing to re-open the Hillary Clinton email case – at the Justice Department, as well as in the court of public opinion – in the wake of newly released FBI documents which are fueling claims her team may have destroyed evidence.  

That’s enough about Clinton for now. Let’s concentrate on Mr. Trump; ups sorry we let the cat out of the box. Trump took Jeb -low energy – Bush to the cleaners, he knocked out the lightweights in professional fashion dispatching them like “legends in their own mind” they were. After Kasich realized the end was near he barfed leaving only Lying Ted remaining. Why in the heck is Cruz able to run for the Presidency? It is crucial that the Supreme Court weigh in on this vital question.

Look up, positive news is on the horizon, Donald J. Trump is dead even according to the latest CNN poll. November is fast approaching and Hillary Clinton is slowly exploding. Jail the Bird. The latest news concerning Hillary’s brain trust is not good. There is dissention amongst them. From what we learned her campaign will explode quicker than the recent (riveting)explosion of Elon Musk’s SpaceX. This does not bode well as we enter September 26, debate night and the revealing of more Clinton emails.  (click)Cough it up Hillary, the nation waits for you


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