We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.

LEONA HELMSLEY, attributed, New York Times, Jul. 12, 1989

Well, the Democrats seem to think that they are for the little people, pandering to them, offering them good times of plenty only if they vote for them and up till now they have. However, these Little People are getting religion wondering if these lying Clintonites are worthy of their vote. Questions are arising in the “hood”, such as, What have you done for me lately? There is a schism taking place.

Blacks are wondering why they are taken for granted, why have the Hispanic/Latino cabal usurped billions of funds that should have gone to the Black community. Why the Blacks are once again second class citizens, standing in back of the line is a question that needs answering?

Ask yourself why Blacks are arrested for petty crimes etc and Hillary Clinton who committed treason, stole government property, violated several statutes is not? Connections to the all powerful corrupt government is the answer. You are the little people, stand up for what is right, don’t give Hillary your vote; change is in the air, embrace it, do the right thing, if the government did not Jail the Bird, you, the Little People can indict Hillary in November 8.  Donald Trump deserves your vote, give him a chance. He will drain the swamp. 

The lame street media has blinded them with propaganda. As Donald Trump said, “the fix is in.” The facts are these,  billionaires control the Democrats, pay for play is their game; contributions to the Clintons by influence peddlers, multi national companies, foreign governments, financial institutions, university elites, Wall Street and Solyndra type entities have corrupted the very core of Democracy. Democracy in America is a thing of the past; it doesn’t exit.  Let us remind you of the old Russian saying, the final score is Hillary 1, Trump 0, the election will be held tomorrow.

Another Russian adage that the Clinton campaign uses widely is, “mistakes will be made, but others will be blamed.” Think Obamacare, think that “you can keep your doctor.” These are all lies, Democrat politicians don’t care about you, they care only about themselves, they are power hungry world without border tyrants.

America, before you vote, ask yourself if Hillary Clinton for you or herself? Remember, that the bulk, over 75%, of her donations were from multi-billionaire individuals and corporations. You folks are Leona Helmsley’s “THE LITTLE PEOPLE.”

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