Donald Trump’s challenge to the Washington elite heads to the nations’s capitol. Recent polls suggest that he is on the verge of the greatest upset victory in political history. Not even a one million to one shot a year ago, Trump has defied the long shot odds by dispatching one opponent after another.

Hillary Clinton is the last obstacle that stands in his way. Beating her will obviously turn Washington upside down. To think of the RINOs he killed along the way;  Bush, Chavez, Kasich, Perry among others. But he also had to tolerate the Republicans who ganged up on him, for instance Romney and Ryan.

What Trump has done is to out the RINO, come November 8, the day of reckoning, he will finish the job. This 15 month safari was not a typical sight seeing journey.   From the beginning of the hunt he repelled one RINO attack after another and survived. We now find these RINOs lying on the side of the road, dead and long forgotten.

What the Tea Party set in motion back in 2009 is now culminating in a violent upheaval of our political system. The Republican party is all but dead.  True loving Americans can’t wait for the mass burial to take place on November 8.

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