The following blog was published in September 2016. We were right on; little did we know that the Trump phenomena was about to begin. But this cultural schism is now playing out in cities across the country. Anarchists, socialists, communists are trashing, burning and violating peoples rights under the guise that Trump did not win the popular vote. Let us remind these PROTESTORS, no doubt their brains are smaller than birds, that the problem does not lie with the electoral college, the problem lied with Hillary Clinton mugging Bernie Sanders in broad daylight. The Democrats fixed the system BETTING ON A ONE HORSE RACE. Oh and how they got Burned. 


The Ferguson, Missouri crowd rage, the Murietta protest against the illegal alien dump, Attorney General Holder playing the race card, President Obama’s pronouncement of  whitee’s guilt before a trial are just a few examples of the underlying cultural dichotomy simmering beneath the surface.  In the days, months and years ahead the probability of a major cultural class type of warfare is assured.  There is a common denominator here, not the least of which highlights the problem. Those who seek knowledge and learning, the law abiding citizens who built America who came from many countries are now in a fight for their common culture. Communities of moochers and ghettoized cities where its inhabitants are told that their plight in life is the fault of others breeds animosity to the boiling point.

The education gap continues to grow easily highlighting society’s fracture obviously the blame can be placed on the inbred liberalism of the education industry, the kind practiced by Democrats and many Republicans alike. For forty years trillions of dollars have gone down the education sewer pit without any tangible results.  Black and Hispanic students are much more likely than white students to fall behind in school and drop out, and much less likely to graduate from high school, acquire a college or advanced degree, or earn a middle-class living.  A growing problem if there ever was one.

A whole section of society bears the truth that a society without a common culture will soon collapse under its own weight. Weak leaders who fail to address the problem are the provocateurs of the coming cultural war where cities will be trashed at random. Once this nuclear reaction begins the only defense against the onslaught is individual armaments. Holding up in ones home while waiting for the police to arrive is only a hope and prayer.

ISIS easily provides a blue print. Only a few thousand believers in jihad marched through Syria and Iraq uncontested. In Ukraine, Russians had the Ukrainian army on the run with one shot of a Kalishnikov. It is often the case where the fire fighter lets the building burn because there is little chance of saving it. We are now at that point. ” Take America back” is a shibboleth of the Tea Party, but more important it is a target for the progressive divider – Democrat.

“Take America Back” to what they say, to Jim Crow is their answer.  This has a racial connotation, tainting the Tea Party as heathens when that is the farthest from the truth. We must overcome the naysayers to succeed. Our message needs to come across. Individual responsibility with limited government was the philosophy of our founding fathers; certain segments of our country despise that philosophy, they are to be our focal point. Their leaders must take responsibility for the uncivilized beings they harbor.

America can be great again if we as Americans bring together a coalition of like minded individuals from all nationalities to focus their efforts on why a cultural problem exists and what plan of action is needed to reverse the trend.  Without a plan we will disintegrate before the 21st century comes to a close. Just pay a visit to any major city and you will not only get a glimpse of the third world you will experience it first hand. Those who inhabit this space are easily recruited for the jihad with the sole purpose to destroy America;  for them killing is their means to an end of total domination.

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