(click)Mohammad strikes again; like a carnivore stalking its prey the Islamic Terrorists does not take prisoners; knowing no bounds, they strike at will. Shock of the attack brings about violent reactions from politicians who condemn it. They speak words always vowing to get the perpetrators, but never do.

The latest scene was a soccer stadium in Istanbul. A car bomb and suicide bomber brought the city to its knees. President Erdogan blames the PKK (the Kurdistan Workers Party) for the attack; says that they will pay for the carnage. This is the same old bogeyman. The Kurds, enemy of the Turkish state, a Jihadist organization fighting an autocratic state that denies them independence. Roj emblem.svg

About half of all Kurds live in Turkey. According to the CIA Factbook they account for 18 percent of the Turkish population. They are predominantly distributed in the southeastern corner of the country. Kurds also make up around 17% of Iraq’s population. They are the majority in at least three provinces in Northern Iraq which are known as Iraqi Kurdistan. The Kurds are estimated to number, worldwide, around 30–32 million, possibly as many as 37 million.

Digesting the Kurdish call for independence is not an academic exercise. For a population of 30 million people spread over a contiguous are of Syria, Iraq and Turkey, not having their own country, independent of a dictator’s hubristic dreams, the time has come for the United States to voice their support for this them.

The violent nature of autocrat Erdogan, a masochistic member of the Muslim Brotherhood, anti Israel Islamist, a diminutive Napoleonic type, critical of Western Values, is not fit to be a member of NATO or an ally of the United States

CLICK HERE for more on Erdogan’s arch enemy, the Gulen movement.

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