In two days the Dutch Master, Geert Wilders, will be asking for the vote of all patriotic citizens of the Netherlands. He is the odds on favorite to win. DutchMastersCigars.jpg

Geert Wilders is one of the key players in Wednesday’s Dutch election, and one of the most prominent and controversial populist leaders in Europe. As the founder and leader of Party For Freedom (PVV), Mr Wilders has rallied against the “Islamification” of the Netherlands. Geert Wilders op Prinsjesdag 2014 (cropped).jpg

If elected, Mr Wilders has promised to deliver a total “de-Islamification” of the Netherlands.

Bookmakers Betfair has made PVV the favourite to take the most seats with odds of 8/13, with VDD behind them at 5/4. However this does not necessarily mean that Mr Wilders will become the next Prime Minister. The Dutch parliament relies on coalition governments, and so far none of the main political groups have expressed an interest in working with the anti-EU party.

There is more work to do if he wins. The competing parties are not in the compromising mood. This will cause chaos. However, we believe Mr. Wilders will be able to put through a coalition government.

Wilder says he’s convinced that if something isn’t done to stop the spread of Islam across the West, our whole way of life will vanish and we’ll all live in Muslim-ridden slums, assaulted for our Christianity and love of free speech. To make his case, Wilders regularly takes politicians from around the world on tours of majority-Muslim neighborhoods in the Netherlands, offering them a glimpse of their future if they don’t beat back Islam.

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