Another atrocious, hideous and insidious criminal act in Manchester, England resulted in the killing of 22 innocents.  There are few if any ways to ferret out these lone wolf suicide bombers.  So the killings will continue until the Muslim world and their religion of peace shows some backbone. What they need to do is very simple, bring in their own death squad (such as Dirty Duterte in the Philippines) and kill them before they sow anymore devastation. That is  the only way to prevent anymore havoc.

The Jihadists hides behind every door, not culturally assimilated because of the hate they harbor inside; when taunted, like a road rage driver, they can explode and do evil. And this is the case with the Manchester terrorists. Wreaking a venue with bloodshed is their calling card; spreading fear is their coin of the realm. Now society has to be vigilant of all Muslims, neighbors, co-workers and those who appear to be simulated.  Being nice and patronizing has its limits, what matter is ideology that remains dormant until the call of Jihad becomes so great that it cannot be suppressed.

It is up to the Muslim world to take responsibility for these lone wolf terrorists. They are insiders and know how to deal with them. If not, the anti-Muslim mindset of those affected will prevail for centuries to come.

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