Would you buy a book from Hillary Clinton?  We forgot to tell you that she is  on a book tour! A picture with her backstage costs $1200. Let’s see, Slick Willie and she were involved the “pay for play” scheme while Secretary. Soon as she got her derriere whipped by Trump, the Clinton Foundation folded up like a cheap suit. You mean that the $300 million dollars disappeared of payola disappeared? No way.

Anything she tells you is suspect to the truth. Once a liar always a liar, a chronological liar at that. Caught time and time again with her pants down and mouth open, Hillary Clinton is always one step away from being fitted for bracelets and the mandatory government issued orange jumpsuit.

Come on President Trump, lock her up, jail the Bird. Hillary Clinton is a scam artist. Why is she on a tour in the first place?  . Does she need bail money?

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