The silence is deafening. But the battles on the periphery are raging. Spillover is very real. One wrong move can set the world astray. Conflict is sometimes necessary to rid the world of evil. However, we find that time and time again that provocateur dictators are itching for battle. They have a death wish and don’t care how many others they take down with them. For justice to prevail truth is necessary. But for truth to prevail men must speak out. To hold your tongue in the space of adversity is to condone the actions of others. The world has been there before and they know the end result.

History has taught us that there is a time for peace and a time for war. Although we seek peace strength is necessary to stop or eventually forestall war. Regional alliances can come and go. New ones sprout by necessity. War though is sometimes necessary to lead others to peace. Long time relationships may evolve over time and new ones formed when need be. Today we live in a world on the cusp of war. Around us there are foreign enemies who are itching for battle. To them we are the devil and given time they will seek our destruction. Animosity runs deep and from generation to generation, passed down from father to son.

Countries ruled by tyrants have little regard for their citizens, it is they who rattle the sabers in a vain attempt to rally support. These situations can last centuries, but in today’s fast paced world time is fleeting. For instance immutable dictators were swept aside in Egypt and Iran. Revolution comes quickly, pent up demand from the populace is the catalyst for sometimes violent overthrow of dictators. Volcanoes and earth quakes act up when least expected. We are living proof of existential threats not only from Mother Nature, but dictatorial losers. Individuals with a Napoleon complex cast brazen threats in the hope igniting a calamitous situation. This is not the theater of the absurd, but in truth the reality of today’s actors.

Where will it come from is the question at large?  Our guess is the Middle East.

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