Donna Brazile claim sends Hillary camp into chaos, may gift crucial Virginia governor race to the GOP – DEMOCRAT PARTY INFESTED WITH CRIMINALS

Tuesday, Ed Gillespie is challenging a Hillary Democrat for the gubernatorial seat in Virginia. The race is tight. This is not about Trump it is about the welfare giving liberal elite progressives who will bring Venezuela to Virginia. Count on it, more taxes, more people on government dole. Do not trust the hand of Big Government; Democrat, Ralph Northam represents Big Governmnet. Be brave, vote your conscience, vote your future, vote for America, vote for ED GILLESPIE. The Hillary faction of the Democrat party will spread the socialist cancer on Virginia. Please understand what it has done to the Northeast states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Do you want Virginia to be like them?

Northam is running scared; he indicated that as governor he would sign a bill outlawing Sanctuary Cities. This is the sign of a desperate man. Another Democrat flip flopping trying to persuade the uninformed voter to cast their vote for him. A typical Democrat ploy, lie, win and lie again. Do not fall for it Virginia. Northam is not a lover of Virginia, he is a liberal progressive partisan out to destroy your way of life.

A message to the Black Community: Sanctuary Cities are not your friend. Progressive politicians have allowed millions of illegals to penetrate America. In turn these criminals have ripped off your jobs, have stolen monies for your educations, have caused your wages to deflate, have taken your spots in state schools. 

Democrats know you will vote for them no matter what. You have been treated like a slave far too long, don’t let it happen again. Vote for the party of Lincoln, vote Republican. 

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