The vile of hate

continues to spill from the mouth of the progressive. Pure puke in its natural form manifests the cannibalistic hubris of those on the left. But we aren’t surprised by it at all. You see these guys came out of the hazy cloud of Woodstock’s free love paradyne. It’s been going on for years particularly in the back stage orgies of the elite. Cocaine, Mary Jane, Smack, Ecstasy and LSD has sent the aficionado’s white matter into the unknown oblivion of panacea. The jargon spilling mouths of the star studded Hollywood set is the evidence of slime talk among their peers. Now that it is out in main stream America we finally have conclusive evidence of spinal fluid lathering social media brainwashing of our youth.

Take, well shall we say, take a look at ex-Vice President Joe Biden (check at 1.25 minute mark) to see his euphoric “no big “f’n” deal. We know where all this gutter talk comes from, don’t we? However, nothing better exemplifies the filth better than the invective of Samantha Bee of Full Frontal; she takes the cake or better yet, comes out with egg all over her face. In case you are of the uninitiated we suggest (XXX discourse – adults onlyyou click here to get full frontal picture of a dirty mouth.  Now we can see the effect the gang bangers rap has had on our culture.

Make up your mind if this was appropriate or not.  On the other hand Roseanne Barr got the boot from ABC for her diatribe on Valerie Jarrett. Click here for the clip. 

Barr got fired, but Samantha Bee did not. Double Standard here?

Click here for the foreign connection provided by Fox News.

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