Although the financial crisis is long gone, the affect it had on Greece still lingers. And it will for decades to come. Over 400,000 Greeks have left the country, heading toward more fertile pastures. Lack of jobs and opportunity is the reason. Those leaving aren’t common olive oil mongers, but the well educated professionals who seek a better life in their new environs.  Today, to put it mildly, “Greece is in the Poor House” never fully recovering from the financial implosion. In fact their economy is laboring 25% below what it was in 2008. Half dead and half alive, Rigor Mortis staring them in the face.

The Big Boys came to the rescue and with very harsh terms indeed. The European Union had strict demands, cut wages and raise taxes if you want to stay in the  Euro. This was to be a suicide pact. Economist will tell you that doing so is a path to economic hell. What got Greece initially into this mess was their propensity and proclivity to spend other peoples money. The wall came quick and they hit it hard. For the past two decades the Greeks drank Ouzo, partied into the night, enjoyed the comforts of a spend all government, but most of all lied through it all by cooking the books. Now they are paying for their truancy by hard labor.

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