At first nobody gave heed on what was to transpire, but a freshman Senator from Illinois was tapped to be the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Drip by drip the history of this next president surfaced. But through it all the media gave him a pass. Associating with Muslims was thrown under the rug, attending church service administered by a Black demagogue, dismissing attempts to target him as a Muslim passed as quickly as the summer in Norway. Elected on the shibboleth “Hope and Change” was the tag that brought millions into the political arena, many of those were self defecating whites and racist minorities. As it turned out we found out that this pariah was a liar from the get-go. However, a liberal progressive at that, he became the darling of the media. A new kid in town who would lay the framework for the socialist agenda for years to come.

After eight years of lies, race bating and Muslim patronage Patriotic Americans turned down his message. This led to Donald J. Trump being elected as the 45th President of the United States. Trump wasn’t elected on any banner or philosophy, but the slogan MAGA. (Make America Great Again). Remembering back to the 2009-2010 Tea Party heyday we heard the slogan many times, “Take Our Country Back.” That was the message again and that is what President Trump is attempting to do. Don’t forget the obstacles in place. They have a long legacy going back to FDR and by lying Democrats and their heathen brothers.  Little by little Trump and his team are slowly whittling them away and you guess it, surmounting many of them.

In today’s paranoia of identity politics, liberal progressive smear campaigns and socialist ideology permeating the atmosphere, it is not a surprise to see a deep schism developing in our country. For example we only have to look at million dollar athletes taking to the knee. What they need is a knee in the groin. Those who were irresponsible and lazy of  their own fault deserve to be on the bottom rung of the proverbial latter. There is no guarantee for lazy good for nothings.

Rabble-rouser politicians on the far left inciting riots, ANTIFA taking the cue and causing malicious destruction of property continue their wares by causing injuries to innocent protesters is a good example of their antics. Be that as it may, we look at trigger tempered segments of the population who are ready to destroy, destroy and destroy more. We are see the beginning of mass smash and trash campaigns which, although in their infancy, are close to coast to coast to destruction.

Bottom line here, IT IS US AGAINST THEM.May a piece be with you!

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