Juan Williams blasted President Donald Trump and some of his Republican acolytes while discussing the Central American migrant caravan Tuesday on The Five.

Williams said that Trump is using fiery rhetoric against the caravan members and making purportedly unverified claims — including there being potential terrorists therein — because he is “absent a message for the midterms.”

ABSENT A MESSAGE“,  Wrong, Williams is a laughing stock to the other journalists that usually sit on the panel. He has nothing upstairs but a vacuum.

Jesse Watters said that he has seen reports showing a large percentage of the caravan is made up of younger, working-age males who are “economic refugees” and not explicitly fleeing “violence” as mainstream media pundits have claimed.

The Five


.@JesseBWatters comments on the migrant caravan moving toward the U.S. southern border:

“When they get [here] they’re going to wire [funds back] to El Salvador,” he said, adding that instead of marching toward the U.S., they should “march against their own corrupt governments — that would solve a lot of problems.”

Williams blasted Watters’ remarks, saying that Trump “doesn’t have proof” for many of his claims about the migrants.

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The guy is a low weight on the Totem pole of journalists. In fact he is NOTHING but a shill for the Democrats.


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