SOMETHING LEGAL DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT” –  A sore loser to boot.  In other words there were not enough illegals to bring her the “W”.  Voter suppression caused her to get beat. Being a Black Woman she has unleashed the most reactionary “not concession” speech ever. Again, what we have seen here is a call for “war by ANTIFA types.”

Defeated Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams, who admitted last week that she could not beat Republican Brian Kemp, on Sunday refused to call Kemp the legitimate governor-elect and said democracy had “failed” in the state.

In an interview with CNN, Abrams said only that Kemp, Georgia’s former secretary of state, had “won an adequate number of votes to become the governor of Georgia” and would become the “legal governor of Georgia” when he takes the oath of office.

But we know sometimes the law does not do what it should, and something being legal does not make it right,” Abrams told Tapper. “What you are looking for me to say is that there was no compromise of our democracy and that there should be some political compromise in the language that I use. And that’s not right. … Will I say that this election was not tainted, was not a disinvestment and a disenfranchisement of thousands of voters? I will not say that.

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