An affliction that has saturated the minds of the

Kool-Aid drinkers is best described as selective Amnesia. One particular individual by the name of COMEY has suddenly lost the ability to recall events because of a wiped clean with a cloth memory.

The only explanation is that he was recently hospitalized and without his knowledge and was brutally subjected to a frontal lobe lobotomy.  However, that explanation does not level with his pay grade; guys like him are supposed to remember everything to a “T”. But not Comey, so the argument can be made that this Democratic operative is a “bald face liar.”

Selective Amnesia

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is a debilitating malady that only afflicts criminal Democrats. The best way for us to determine the truth is through water boarding; bet he will scream like a cow getting ready for the gilding. Attaching electrodes to his manhood will cause him to scream like a frizzled hyena. 

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