Pelosi, a rusty relic from the old school holds a dead woman’s hand. She has outlived her stay and will go down like a swatted fly. No win for this anti-American zealot. The Senate, forget it Nancy they will never accede to your wishes. Therefore, 2019 will become not a watershed but a tumultuous year where the Democrats will have hearing after hearing. Count on nothing happening for the next 12 months, but Trump vitriolic invective.

What we will see though is President Trump exercising his authority to the full extent of the law. Build that wall. One prediction we make is this; RBG, better known as Supreme Court justice Ginsberg will not survive another 12 months. This radical legislates from the bench based on her progressive affiliation; the Constitution means nothing to her. Check the same box for Sotomayor and Kagan.

So the Democrats will have hearing after hearing, accomplishing nothing in the mean time. Their middle of the road constituency will call them out; mass demonstrations will occur across the land. National Guards will be employed, civil disobedience will be common place. Attempts will be made to impeach Trump, a waste of time.


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