Large walls do surround most of the Vatican. They’re a medieval anachronism: Pope Leo IV built some of them in the 9th century to keep Church property safe from invading troops, while others are a bit newer, built in the 16th century as a sort of political statement about the power of the papacy.

“The walls are a fortification, there is no question, but they were a fortification built at a time when armed invasions by barbarians and other forces were happening,”

What do you think is happening at our Southern Border? Invasions by barbarians. Not the legal immigrants who have been patiently waiting in line for years. But don’t let the liberal progressive truth teller get you to believe that the Vatican is not walled; it is. And for good reason at that.


We suggest a caravan invade the Vatican, steal its gold, antiques, murder its inhabitants, rape the priests and finally squat there for years to come. See how they will like it then. Will they react when throngs of illegals, who stormed into Italy from Africa and the Middle East invade the City. You bet they will, and with guns blazing.

Build the Wall, Make America Great Again

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