The Rapper Hip Hop crowd became mainstream through the media push. This did not happen yesterday, but it has been a slow nurturing process fed to us by the Hollywood elite. Three decades ago the cassette tape brought the music to the burbs. Teenagers ate this up, emulating their new idols. Pants down to their knees, $200 sneakers, calling their girl a b..ch. You get the picture. The Rappers were idolized.

Today we are now dealing with a society brought up gutter language, drugs and no respect for the Constitution and our past legacy. Things have gone upside down; White privilege is something to be ashamed of; past idols are being debased and defaced, school names have been changed and statutes torn down.

We are seeing the destruction of past norms, order, respect and hard work. Today’s socialist brainwashed youth is for disorder, no respect and free everything. Things will get worse before they get better, but don’t even count on that happening. You only have to look at the heathen excrement that now sits in Congress.

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