Many of you watched the President of the United States give SOTU speech last night, but found it impossible not to notice the women draped in white cloth. One particular woman stood out, a diaper wearing firebrand from New York. The long lens of the media made a particular effort to zoom in on AOC. Her agenda is that of the Chavismo. And we know how that turned out. In fact Trump mentioned the once richest country in Latin America, to now the poorest. Of course the lunatic left will deny that Venezuela is a basket case. You see, their objective is to bring everyone down to the beggar level. “Crumbs” for you and me will be the equalizer. Everyone in the same boat, no food, no home, no education, no medical care in the “mano Y mano” world of the zealot socialist. Beware of them for they are a Dangerous Lot. Venezuela tells us no different.

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