The “SOCIALIST MANIFESTO” is nothing more than a welfare plan that has been tried by dictators the world over. From Lenin’s Russia to Chavez’s Venezuela. And we remind you of the devastation these types of populist uprisings bring to once stable, maybe corrupt to a degree, countries; we point not further than an island 90 miles off of Key West, Cuba.

There is no denying that this is what it means to go Socialist. Cubans live it everyday, yearning for the “old days.” Fidel and his brother in “arms” Che, did to Cuba what the bombs did in WWII, wrecked havoc through the once energetic land. Today Cuba stands as a sign post on what would come if the Socialist Green Zealots had their way.

For instance, all automobiles will be electrified. Carbon tax on all production. Farmers would be instructed by fiat to eliminate fertilizer and pesticides. All oil drilling would be prohibited. Taxes on the super-rich would be elevated to more than 100%. Trusts and estates would be nationalized. Apartment buildings would be seized. Tonton macoutes would be stationed in Schools making sure the curriculum preached socialism. Churches, houses of worship would be watched by the new Socialist Stasi. Police forces would be rationalized and staffed with blue blood socialists; another words a socialist dictatorship.

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