Not only those of the Jewish faith are contemplating changing parties, but Christians too are thinking about fleeing the House Gas Chamber. With the likes of the three suicide bombers and AOC hold the reigns, the picture becomes crystal clear. What we are seeing is a multiple attack on American values. The Judeo-Christian ethic is at risk.

Let us explain. The Green agenda is nothing more than the fleecing of the rich by the transfer of wealth to the lazy irresponsible do nothing, know nothing. Don’t let their words fool you. Going green and saving the planet is a worthwhile objective, however the cost of 32 trillion dollars is unsustainable. Printing presses are not up to the task, just ask those who lived through Germany’s Wiemar Republic and more recently Jimmy Carter’s Venezuela; that worked out well, didn’t it?

Pelosi is on the run from the ruthless swarm of suicide bombers. But it is too late, they have gotten to her. Like a lion eyeing their prey these Muslim Jihadists, including AOC have their nails into Pelosi’s rear end. She is their next meal. Soon the rest of the old beasts will be road kill. Hunting season has begun. Poachers have reached the House.

And what will happen if their agenda becomes real? Watch out defense industry, your honey pot will go poof. Defense workers, your out of a job.
Israel, forget your 3 billion a year. Troops, you too will find the sliding rough as defense budgets will be slashed to the bone; troops pulled out of the far distant lands. Borders, they will be open to every Muslim Jihadist in the world. Africans and Latin Americans will flee their worn torn countries to come here and milk our social welfare system. Sharia laws will become common place; Christians and Jews will be targets. Can’t they see what has happened across the pond? Most importantly, you and your family will have to register with the government; new ID cards will be issued. Taxes will rise to 90% of income. And that is the start.

Our thoughts and suggestions for the next couple of years to the moderate Democrat including the Jewish members are right on. Do they want to belong to a party spearheaded by reckless anti-American Muslims, we think not. Mind you that this is the beginning, you guys (old timers) are finished. Nothing can stop the steam roller coming for your head. You will not have a say in the politics of destruction.

So what can they do? Only one choice here! SWITCH PARTIES.

We bet that this is the thinking of many Democrats. They don’t say it but in their hearts are anti-Muslim, anti-immigration, pro Constitution. Additionally, many are sick and tired of welfare programs that run on and on with no viable results. These programs have been the bread and butter of the Black Caucus, who by the way have manifested their Jew hate by voting for the resolution, elections come and go and they pimp themselves to the Black community only for their own ego, and POWER. COMPLETE FAILURES ARE THESE INCOMPETENTS. The results are proof of their ignorance.

Leading up to the 2020 election we can foresee many Democrats jumping ship before being relegated to steerage . At last count there were approximately 24 Jewish House members, plus many Christians who are friends of Israel. If they mutiny the Trump revolution will be intact and Victory for America and You will be assured.

TRUMP IS AMERICA’S SAVIORSo let it be written, so let it be done.


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