When you think of Oprah Winfrey, you think of “O” her eponymous magazine, you think of her TV show, you think of the many things she has accomplished through her career, but seldom do you think of her as a savoy investor. But at one time she was riding high, her holdings in Weight Watchers was through the roof.

Oprah’s stake has shrunk by $558 million in 8 months

The stock has now shed 72.0% since the June 20, 2018 record close of $103.09.

Oprah is WW’s second-largest shareholder, as she beneficially owns 7,524,344 shares, or about 11% of the shares outstanding, according to her most-recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

At the record close, Oprah’s stake had a market value of about $776 million. At current prices, it would only be worth about $218 million.

But before investors shed any tears for the media mogul, her stake is still worth about $170 million more than when she bought it. And that’s not including the more-than $126 million she made when she sold a chunk of shares in early March 2018.

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