The Fallout is single fold. Now, when a legitimate hate crime is committed by a White person against a Black person, the Police will question the legitimacy of the victim and their story. So what the Slippery Smollett did was not to bring justice to victims, he has brought justice to the perpetrators. Police will not bother to investigate for fear of being marginalized by the criminal justice system. Remember once again, “IT IS WHO YOU KNOW” when it comes down to the privilege few.

Michael Flynn, a retired United States Army Lieutenant General and convicted felon cut a deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller to plead guilty to a single felony count of “willfully and knowingly” making “false, fictitious and fraudulent statements” to the FBI.

But for Smollett, lying was not a crime according to Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx who inexplicably recused herself after pressuring prosecutors to drop the charges. Yesterday Smollett was exonerated, his record wiped clean like Hillary’s. Well, Well, Well! How did this happen? CLICK HERE TO UNDERSTAND HOW PEOPLE IN POWER, LIVE ABOVE THE LAW. In this case it was none other than ex President Obama who mad the call to Foxx through a little known lawyer who previously served as an assistant to President Obama.


“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett faces a felony charge of disorderly conduct for allegedly filing a false report claiming two men attacked him last month, a Chicago Police Department spokesman tweeted Wednesday night.Anthony Guglielmi said charges were approved by the Cook County State’s Attorney Office and “Detectives will make contact with his legal team to negotiate a reasonable surrender for his arrest.”Filing a false police report is disorderly conduct, according to Illinois code. A class 4 felony is punishable by one to three years, the code says.

The Back Story from American Renaissance

American Renaissance

Fake hate crimes should be treated as hate crimes against the accused group.

(click)Last month, television star Jussie Smollett was treated for scratches on his face after an alleged racist and anti-gay attack in Chicago. Different sources reported different details, but one commonly reported detail was that two suspects asked him, “Aren’t you that f***ot Empire n***er?” Then he was supposedly attacked with bleach and a rope. The suspects allegedly yelled, “This is MAGA country!”

In an age of hate hoaxes, many people took this report skeptically. The idea of people in Chicago screaming about “MAGA country” is self-discrediting. Another problem with Mr. Smollett’s story was that he was supposedly recognized on the street at two in the morning by racist right-wingers who were also familiar with the show Empire. (I didn’t know about the existence of either Empire or Mr. Smollett until the alleged attack, and I assume the same about most people who voted for Trump.) The weapon of choice was also strange for a frigid Chicago night well below bleach’s freezing temperature.

The story’s details kept changing, but Mr. Smollett’s behavior was consistently bizarre. Mr. Smollett reportedly refused to let police examine his phone. He also walked into his apartment building wearing a rope around his neck and didn’t notify police immediately. Despite his claim that “I fought the f**k back!” against two attackers, the rather effete Mr. Smollett still managed to hold on to a Subway sandwich he purchased before the alleged incident.

This reads like ludicrous fan fiction. Yet the most powerful and influential people in our society, from the Speaker of the House of Representatives to Hollywood celebrities, declared this attack not only legitimate, but of huge moral importance. What’s more, they insisted that the incident must be used to inspire political and cultural activism.

Now you have a criminal in the name of Jessie Smollet who fingered fictitiously two White guys as the muggers in a fake mugging. Charged with 16 felonies

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