Setting the record straight for the three suicide bombers, if you don’t like it here get out, America does not need you. Yes it is true that our forefathers did wrong to the native Americans; we broke treaties with them, murdered them and infected them with disease; all true. However, we emphatically state that you would not be here today if that did not happen. So our advice to you is to get out while the going is good, go back to where you came from.

Preach to your murdering relatives who for generations have killed women and children, murdered villagers, raped girls and the best one is to claim that Palestine is for the pseudo Palestinians. Let us remind you that there was no more than 40,000 pseudo Palestinians living in the land of Israel in mid eighteenth century. Mark Twain, you probably never heard of him, visited the holy land in 1880 and said, we quote, “that the area was desolate and devoid of inhabitants. ” Twain observed, “There is not a solitary village throughout its whole extent – not for 30 miles in either direction. There are two or three small clusters of Bedouin tents, but not a single permanent habitation. One may ride 10 miles, hereabouts, and not see 10 human beings.”

According to Ottoman statistics studied by Justin McCarthy,]the population of Palestine in the early 19th century was 350,000, in 1860 it was 411,000 and in 1900 about 600,000 of which 94% were Arabs

Click here to get the facts on the “made up people”. Then you will be able to rationalize the propaganda that has littered the media for the past 100 years, including the patronizing Europeans who have more blood on their hands than the mortician at the county morgue. So when you get these pompous assess from Israel, yes Israel, there is no such thing as the Palestinian territories and the goat herder from Somalia throwing suicide bombs at the Jews, it is time for the members of Congress to call them out for what they are; earth’s excrement.

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