The storm is gathering on our southern border, the rapes, murders, break-ins, thefts, killings, drugs imported into the United States from Mexico. Mostly Latinos from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala Mexico. The ramification of this territorial onslaught is yet to be seen, but we will hazard a guess of its result. We haven’t heard of any illegals from Costa Rica or Belize, not to mention Panama. What brings these criminals to the United States?

These trespassers are criminals from the outset, illegal crossing borders to come to the United States for free food, free welfare, free housing, free schooling, free medical care. They are not coming here for any other reason. There is no catastrophe, no war, no purges in their home country. They are not threatened by any sense of the imagination. The number one reason they are coming here for the life of leisure. And it is not beyond our vision that the Democrats have planted the seed for them to criminally storm our border.

Russell Pearce, a former president of the Arizona state Senate who helped author a controversial immigration law in the state, appeared to advocate for violence for the U.S. to save itself in remarks delivered earlier this week.

Pearce, a Republican, spoke Monday at a rally in Gilbert, Ariz., dubbed “Patriotism Over Socialism.” Other featured speakers included Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward and Laura Loomer, whose anti-Muslim social media posts have gotten her banned from Twitter, Uber and Lyft, the Arizona Republic reported.

“And it may take the shedding of blood to keep this Republic,” Pearce. “And I, for one, am willing to do whatever it takes.”


The DNC chair, Tom Perez, has let loose “running off with da mout” , foaming like a sick rabid dog, which he is. Perez says that no one is above the law. Apparently he doesn’t include “lock her up” in this category. America knows that this female dog Clinton broke federal law, defied investigators, trashed evidence and is responsible for the murder of Ambassador Stevens. But that is not all, she leaves a long and wide trail of corruption and deception. Uranium One is a quintessential example, pay for play was the cornerstone of the Clinton Foundation. And Perez has the balls to target America’s President Donald J. Trump.


We know Russia attacked our democracy in 2016. We know the Russians will be back for our 2020 presidential election. We know the Russians were in contact with the Trump campaign throughout the 2016 election cycle. We know that the Trump campaign was happy to accept Russian help, and that contacts continued well after Election Day.

And we know the Russian candidate of choice was and is Donald Trump.

APPARENTLY PEREZ KNOWS EVERYTHING, BUT THE TRUTH. All of the above he alluded to you can substitute the word CLINTON for TRUMP. That is the truth.

PEREZ knows “didley squat”. A little man who thinks he is a big man, but America knows otherwise. Wait until Barr ramps up the indictments. We shall find the truth. It was the Democrat collusion and collaborators with Russia and the dossier authors (Clinton and the DNC) who are the guilty ones. Evidence destroyed, FBI collusion. We can smell a RAT from a mile around.

Don’t let this Perez put the hood over your head, he is an enemy of the State, enemy of Capitalism an enemy of Patriotic Americans. If it wasn’t for the graciousness of the United States he would still be living in the Dominican Republic with his family. Much thanks from this puke.

“We need a President who puts his interest ahead of the American People” a quote from Tom Perez. What is this joke talking about. His amnesia is prevalent for he forgets the Corruption of the Clinton DNC campaign in 2016. Perez, “YOU GOT BEAT AND YOU WILL GET BEAT AGAIN.”



Suicide bombers under a coordinated attack blew themselves up in a half dozen churches, killing hundreds and wounding hundreds more. The victims were attending church services for the Easter holiday. Not that we have inside information, but this appears to be the work of Muslim Jihadists who have shown the propensity to wreck havoc upon Christians. Keep in mind that Sri Lanka is majority Buddhist and Hindu with approximately 10% Muslim. Only Jihadists, who have the wherewithal to coordinate these types of attacks as they have done so in the past, are the ones most likely to be responsible.

The attacks in Sri Lanka struck three churches: St. Sebastian’s Church in Negombo, St. Anthony’s Shrine in Colombo and Batticaloa’s Zion Church, according to Pakistan’s The Dawn newspaper. Police initially estimated that only 20 were killed but soon revised that number to 137, with 45 murdered in Colombo, 25 in Batticaloa, and 67 in Negombo. Three major hotels were struck in Colombo, all of them in a line along a major road that links several important central districts of the city. These included the Cinnamon Grand, Shangri-La and Kingsbury.

A temporary social media ban was imposed after the blasts and a night-time curfew will begin at 6 p.m. local time.

In a statement from Jerusalem, the Catholic Church in the Holy Land said it was praying “for the souls of the victims and ask for speedy recovery of the injured, and ask God to inspire the terrorists to repent of their killing and intimidation.”


Sri Lankan military officials stand guard in front of the St. Anthony's Shrine, Kochchikade church a

Coordinated series of attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka conjures up memories of previous terrorist attacks. Striking at worshipers at prayer reminds us of the Christchurch Mosque shootings in New Zealand on March 15. It also appears linked to previous Easter attacks, including the 2017 Palm Sunday assault in Egypt in 2017 in which 45 people were murdered, and the terrorist attack in Lahore in 2016 that killed 75. In coordination and the number of sites chosen it is also similar to the 2008 Mumbai attacks that killed 166.

It is a hallmark of our era that when it comes to mass murder and coordinated terror attacks we have a long list of past experiences to choose from. In the last decades the growing number of terrorist attacks by far-right Islamist extremists, white nationalists and others has become an almost daily event. Last week gunmen, allegedly terrorists from Iran, murdered 14 people in western Pakistan in an attack on Pakistani security forces. Earlier in April, a bombing attack – not widely reported outside Pakistan and thought to be carried out by the Islamic State – targeted Shi’ites in Quetta. And on Friday there was an attack made on government institutions in Kabul.

Sri Lanka attacks: seven arrested after 207 killed at hotels and churches on Easter Sunday – live

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Officials say 450 injured as explosions hit four hotels and three churches in and around Colombo as well as at Batticaloa in east of country

LIVE Updated 2m ago

Haroon Siddique (now) and Alison Rourke (earlier)

Sun 21 Apr 2019 08.30 EDTFirst published on Sun 21 Apr 2019 02.28 EDT


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Sri Lankan media: seven arrested in police raid, three officers killed

Seven people have been arrested during a raid on a house in Colombo on Sunday, according to local media in Sri Lanka. Three officers reportedly died in the raid. We’ll bring you more details when we get them.FacebookTwitter

10m ago08:23

Police say they have arrested three people so far. The government put the figure at seven earlier but police say several others have been arrested but not questioned. They remain in the dark as to the perpetrators and their motive, they say.

All of the politicians immediately condemned the attacks. They offered support for the victims families, they prayed that their souls will enter the Pearly Gates. They said that this incident won’t stop us from living in peace. They called the perpetrators sick in mind. Others were outraged, said the bombers must be brought to justice. The Pope weighed in saying the attack was “such cruel violence.”

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe addressed the media on Sunday evening.

During the briefing, he referred to allegations that officials had been in possession of intelligence suggesting an impending attack.

“We must look into why adequate precautions were not taken. Neither I nor the Ministers were kept informed,” he said.

“For now the priority is to apprehend the attackers,” he added.

Muslim groups in Sri Lanka condemn attacks

Two Muslim groups in Sri Lanka condemned the attacks on churches and hotels in the country on Easter Sunday that killed more than 200 people.

The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka said it mourns the loss of innocent people in the blasts by violent elements who seek to divide religious and ethnic groups.


The Democrats are raging once again. Why don’t they where Yellow Shirts? A good question. These lunatics, and there are enough to fill every pysche ward in the country, are suffering a malady known as Trump Derangement Syndrome. No fooling here, this is a disease with no known cure. We can imagine what would have happened if the shoe was on the other foot and the Right treated Obama as such.

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(click here for the Fox News Story by Kimberley Strassel.)By the fall of 2017, it was clear that special counsel Robert Mueller, as a former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was too conflicted to take a detached look at a Russia-collusion story that had become more about FBI malfeasance than about Donald Trump. The evidence of that bias now stares at us through 448 pages of his report.

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Earlier in the day, Romney tweeted that it was good news that there was insufficient evidence to charge Trump with collusion or obstruction of justice. The former GOP 2012 presidential candidate then blasted Trump and his campaign for having contacts with Russians.

“I am sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office of the land, including the President,” Romney posted.

Romney is sick all right, he is sick in the head. ” LOSER, go back to the hole you crawled out of. “

Senator Mitt Romney✔@SenatorRomneyI have now read the redacted Mueller report and offer my personal reaction:28.1K4:45 PM – Apr 19, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee lashed out at Sen. Mitt Romney after the Utah Republican said he was “sickened” by the level of dishonesty from President Trump’s administration in response to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s redacted report into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

“Know what makes me sick, Mitt? Not how disingenuous you were to take @realDonaldTrump $$ and then 4 yrs later jealously trash him & then love him again when you begged to be Sec of State, but makes me sick that you got GOP nomination and could have been @POTUS,” Huckabee tweeted Friday.


We are not talking about a fart here, we are talking about something more serious. (check 7.30 minute)A criminal conspiracy perpetrated on the American public by the Obama administration and Deep State to insure Lock Her Up Clinton’s victory in 2016. Not to mention all of the other criminals who colluded with her.

Their objective was to see her enter the White House. Don’t forget this criminal was responsible for the out right murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other brave men who tried in vain to protect him. We know who spread this conspiracy theory, it was from the top, from the Obama White House. With the help of the FBI they spied on the Trump campaign from the get-go. Spread rumors, paid newsmen to spread Fake news. And through it all Trump Won; to their surprise, they took a second beating with the release of the Mueller report which exonerated President Trump.

Now they are entering another phase, one that will drag on for two more years. They are doing this out of spite, poor losers indeed, obfuscation is their intent, to hide what really went on. However, William Barr is not Jeff Sessions, he is intent on bringing the culprits to justice. Wait and see, indictments are in order.

The first target should be Susan Rice, like Hillary, a liar of the first rank, who went on early morning newscasts to get the propaganda story out in the wake of Ambassador Stevens killing by Muslim terrorists. With orders from Clinton she placed the blame on a second rate video that incited a protest that led to the killing. “What difference does it make” said Lock Her UP. It makes a lot of difference, our Hero, Ambassador Stevens died because you “Lock Her Up” was responsible for his outright murder by Muslim Terrorists. Those terrorist should have been dead long before they entered our embassy, but you Clinton, failed to protect them.




Those Turks are a wild bunch, seems they are out for the money. The Syrian civil war has caused much strife in the Middle East. Refugees entering countries all over Europe including Turkey. Muslims running for their lives, whole families fleeing the Russian-Assad poison gas experiment. Many ending up in Turkey; now that the war is over, Turkey wants them to go home. Nice guys those Turks, they have no empathy for their brethren. If it effects the Turkey pocket book they say NYET. Get out of my town, we don’t want you here. You cost us money. Call them NIMBY Turks.

Ekrem Imamoglu, the CHP mayoral candidate for Istanbul, said that “we want Syrians to go back.” This could have serious effect on the 555,000 registered Syrians living in the city. 

“There is indeed palpable reaction towards the refugees in general in certain provinces, especially in south and southeast Anatolia, where in some cases the number of Syrians exceeds that of the locals,” Mehmet Enes Beser, an expert on migration issues, told Xinhua. 

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened his country’s border to Syrian refugees when the war began in Syria in 2011 and has declared that his country had already spent 35 billion US dollars for resettling them. He has changed his discourse in recent months, speaking of an assisted voluntary return of the Syrian refugees. 

Some 320,000 Syrians have so far returned to their hometowns as the result of two Turkish military operations in northern Syria to wipe out terrorist elements, after which reconstruction started, said Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu. 

A sharp economic downturn that hit Turkey last summer with a currency meltdown has also contributed to the rising tensions amid competition for jobs in the country with high unemployment and inflation rates. 

Official data announced on Monday showed that the youth employment hit record 26.7 percent, the highest since 1988. 

Our take is that Syrians and Turks make up a large percentage of the Pseudo Palestinian population. These so-called Psudo Palestinians were imported into Samaria and Judea at the behest of the Ottoman Empire during their reign. Most of them came in the mid 1850’s. They of course had no roots in the are until then.

Related image

In the “West Bank,” Judea is the region lying to the south of Jerusalem. The area north of Jerusalem is Samaria. … Though Arabs demand these territories back, even the names of Arab neighborhoods in Judea and Samaria, such as Bethlehem, Jericho, Hebron and others reaffirm the land’s Biblical Jewish roots.

As the Ottomans extended the central government’s new military, municipal, judicial, and educational systems to Palestine, the country also witnessed a marked increase in foreign settlements and colonies—French, Russian, and German. By far the most important, in spite of their initial numerical insignificance, were the Jewish agricultural settlements, which foreshadowed later Zionist endeavours to establish a Jewish national home 

“The land in Palestine was lacking in people to till its fertile soil”. Thomas Shaw, British Archaeologist, ‘Travels and Observations’, London, 1767 “Palestine is a ruined and desolate land”. Count Constantine François Volney, French author and historian , ‘Travels Through Syria and Egypt in years 1783, 1784, 1785’, London 1788, vol. 2, p142 “The country is in a considerable degree empty of inhabitants and therefore its greatest need is of a body of population”. James Finn, British Consul, Report to Foreign Office, 1857 “Above all other countries in the world, [Palestine] is now a land of ruins. In Judea it is hardly an exaggeration to say that…for miles and miles there is no appearance of present life or habitation”. Cook’s Tourist Handbook for Palestine and Syria, Thomas Cook & Son, Ludgate Circus, E.C, 1876 “A desolation is here that not even imagination can grace with the pomp of life and action. We never saw a human being on the whole route”. Mark Twain, American author and humorist, ‘Innocents Abroad’, 1869


In 1887-88, the area that later became Mandatory Palestine was divided into three administrative units: the district (sanjak) of Jerusalem, comprising the southern half of the country, and the two northern districts of Nablus and Acre. The two northern districts were administratively attached to the province (vilayet) of Beirut, but because of its importance to the Ottomans, the district of Jerusalem was governed directly by Constantinople. The area across the Jordan River (Trans-Jordan or Jordan) was administratively separate from the Palestinian districts and formed part of the province of Syria, with Damascus as its capital. At this time the population of the three Palestinian districts was ca. 600,000 (THE MAJORITY OF WHICH WERE IMPORTED BY THE OTTOMANS), about 10 percent of whom were Christians and the rest mostly Sunnite Muslims. The Jews numbered about 25,000; the majority were deeply religious, devoting themselves to prayer and contemplation and deliberately eschewing employment or agricultural activity. Until the advent of Zionism, relations between Palestinians and Jews were stable and peaceful, mellowed by more than a millennium of coexistence and often shared adversity.

From 1900 to 1948

In the last years of the 19th century and the early years of the 20th, the Palestinian Arabs shared in a general Arab renaissance. Palestinians found opportunities in the service of the Ottoman Empire, and Palestinian deputies sat in the Ottoman parliaments of 1877, 1908, 1912, and 1914. Several Arabic newspapers appeared in the country before 1914. Their pages reveal that Arab nationalism and opposition to Zionism were strong among some sections of the intelligentsia even before World War I. The Arabs sought an end to Jewish immigration and to land purchases by Zionists. The number of Zionist colonies, however, mostly subsidized by the French philanthropist Edmond, baron de Rothschild, rose from 19 in 1900 to 47 in 1918, even though the majority of the Jews were town dwellers. The population of Palestine, predominantly agricultural, was about 690,000 in 1914 (535,000 Muslims; 70,000 Christians, most of whom were Arabs; and 85,000 Jews).

Those Jews and evangelical Christians who say an undivided Jerusalem should be the eternal capital of Israel have a ready answer for anyone who questions that claim: The Bible says so.

The most often-cited text is 2 Chronicles 6:5-6, wherein King Solomon quotes God as saying, “Since the day that I brought my people out of the land of Egypt, I chose no city in all the tribes of Israel in which to build a house, that my name might be there, and I chose no man as prince over my people Israel;but I have chosen Jerusalem that my name may be there and I have chosen David to be over my people Israel.”

The Bible could hardly be more clear, it would seem.

“As far as God is concerned, Jerusalem has been the eternal, undivided capital since the reign of David,” said Laurie Cardoza-Moore, whose television program, Focus on Israel, is aimed primarily at evangelical Christians like herself who see the Bible as “true and historically accurate.” God, she said, “established the boundaries of all the nations, and he chose the city of Jerusalem for himself.”



The principal feature of Antifa groups is their use of direct action, with conflicts occurring both online and in real life. They engage in varied protest tactics, which include digital activism, property damage, physical violence, and harassment against those whom they identify as fascist, racist, or on the far-right.

The Mueller report hit them hard; like a book slam to the back of their head. Their dizzy response was expected. These Libtards will not accept the Trump presidency under any circumstances. They are after complete control of the government, from A to Z. They believe that only highly skilled intellectuals like themselves have the where with all to lead the government and transform minds.

As we have seen their product in Detroit, St Louis, Chicago and points in between which have evolved into bastions of urban decay, one step away from bankruptcy. These same intellectuals have taken control of the education system. By doing so they have brainwashed and continue to brainwash our youth. This is a tragedy of all proportions. As they have done in China, we need retraining camps with one objective, to erase from their brain the scars of socialism.

Keep on mind what has happened here. The FBI perpetrated a Russian Hoax, predicated on a fake dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton. This was done with one thing in mind, to STOP TRUMP FROM THE WORD GO. Now that the report is made public exonerating him; “no conspiracy, no collusion”, they have resorted to Plan C. Plan A didn’t work (Hillary got creamed), Plan B didn’t work (Mueller absolved Trump of any collusion) and now we have Plan C (hearing after hearing). But this will culminate in two years of Democrat accomplishing nothing; they are wasting their time and your money on a fishing expedition. Take note, these aren’t real Democrats, they are communists in the likes of Stalin, Castro and Chavez.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and President Trump communicated directly at one point during the long-running investigation into Russian election interference, when the president’s legal team submitted written testimony in response to Mueller’s questions on a variety of topics in November 2018.

And in some cases, Trump and his attorneys brought the sass.

One of Mueller’s questions referred to a July 2016 campaign rally, when Trump said, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.”

That was a reference to the slew of documents deleted from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Trump’s comment prompted numerous frenzied accusations that he was openly sending a signal to Russian hackers.

Mueller’s report noted that hours after Trump’s remarks, a Russian-led attempt to access some Clinton-linked email accounts was launched, although there was no evidence Trump or his team directed or coordinated with that effort.

“Why did you make that request of Russia, as opposed to any other country, entity or individual?” Mueller’s prosecutors asked.

Mueller’s report noted that after Trump’s statement, future National Security Adviser Flynn contacted operatives in hopes of uncovering the documents, and another GOP consultant started a company to look for the emails.

Fox News Channel logo.svg

“(click) I made the statement quoted in Question II (d) in jest and sarcastically, as was apparent to any objective observer,” Trump, speaking through his attorneys, shot back. “The context of the statement is evident in the full reading or viewing of the July 27, 2016, press conference, and I refer you to the publicly available transcript and video of that press conference.”

Imagine Mueller’s henchmen asking this idiotic question, then having the cajones to call Trump’s answer brazen and uncooperative. Don’t worry folks Barr will get to the bottom of the Collusion Hoax. Many Democrats will be lawyering up in the very new future. Cudos to Barr for doing the job that Jeff Sessions failed to do.


It wasn’t to many years ago that we had public hangings. Today we incarcerate the criminals in Club FED. There will be a mile long line waiting for those to get in. We assure you of that. Hillary for Prison.

Image result for public hangings

Keep in mind what has happened in the Back Channel of the Deep State. The Dark canyons of the West Wing, the inner circle of the FBI and the goings on in the Secretary of State Hillary’s home. There was a conspiracy to spy on Donald J. Trump. One that had the objective to stop his campaign, taint it with false allegations and prevent him from winning the presidency. THE MAN BEHIND ALL OF THIS WAS NONE OTHER THAN BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. THEY ARE PROTECTING HIM AT ALL COSTS.



Wall Street Journal Editorial Board member William McGurn says the American people still don’t know when the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign really began and called on Attorney General William Barr to appoint a grand jury to find out.

“This is still the open question. We don’t really know when the FBI investigation began and what they were doing in the investigation,” McGurn, a Fox News contributor, said on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday.

“They’re sticking to this idea that it was a conversation with (former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser) George Papadopoulos, but that increasingly looks suspicious and so forth. And I think the reason is, to cut through all this, it’s looking increasingly as though the FBI launched an investigation into a presidential campaign based on opposition research commissioned by Hillary Clinton, her team, and performed by a known Trump hater, Christopher Steele to spy on Trump people.”


Pelosi threatens Trump in a belligerent manner. She tells him to take down the tweet exposing the vitriolic diarrhea spilling from the mouth of a suicide bomber. Yes, Pelosi, now hugging Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah and ISIS aficionados. This low life from Somalia who has done nothing but blame Jews and Republicans, calling President Trump a White Racist.

Pelosi moves to ensure Ilhan Omar’s safety, calls for Trump to take down video. Omar says we lost our civil liberties, go back to Somalia and get your civil liberties.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Sunday that she’s taken steps to ensure the safety of Rep. Ilhan Omar following President Trump’s tweet of a video that, according to critics, showed the Minnesota Democrat being dismissive of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The California Democrat also called on Trump to take down the video. That same day, the video was no longer pinned to the top of Trump’s Twitter feed, although it was not clear whether it was because of Pelosi’s request.

Pelosi was among numerous Democrats who had criticized Trump over the tweet, with some accusing him of trying to incite violence against the Muslim lawmaker.


The White House defended Trump earlier Sunday, saying the president had a duty to highlight Omar’s history of comments that others have found offensive and that he wished no “ill will” upon the first-term lawmaker.

Pelosi, who was traveling in London, issued a statement saying she had spoken with congressional authorities after Trump’s tweet “to ensure that Capitol Police are conducting a security assessment to safeguard Congresswoman Omar, her family and her staff.”

“They will continue to monitor and address the threats she faces,” the speaker said. She called on Trump to discourage such behavior.

“The President’s words weigh a ton, and his hateful and inflammatory rhetoric creates real danger,” Pelosi also said. “President Trump must take down his disrespectful and dangerous video.”

The video in Trump’s tweet included a snippet from a recent speech Omar gave to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). She had said, in her defense of the organization, that CAIR was founded after Sept. 11, 2001 “because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.” CAIR had been formed in 1994.

The video tweeted by Trump also included news footage of the terror attacks on the Twin Towers. Trump captioned his tweet with: “WE WILL NEVER FORGET!”

Critics accused Omar of offering a flippant description of the attackers who killed nearly 3,000 people. She later sought to defend herself by tweeting a quote from President George W. Bush. Days after 9/11, the Republican president referred to the attackers as “people.”


The New York Post issued a scathing rebuke of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) with their Thursday cover and editorial after Omar described the September 11, 2001, Islamic terror attacks that killed thousands of Americans as “some people did something.”

Omar made the remarks, which sparked widespread outrage, during a March 23 speech at an event for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) — which the United Arab Emirates has designated as a terrorist organization. Omar has since bemoaned criticism of her from Fox News and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) in response to her remarks by alleging that they were engaging in “dangerous incitement” against her.

The New York Post responded to Omar’s comments by making this the feature story in their Thursday publication with a cover photo of the World Trade Centers under attack on September 11, 2001, and with a headline that stated: “Here’s your something.”

“How pathetic: A member of Congress can’t acknowledge what happened on one of the most horrific days in US history,” The New York Post Editorial Board wrote. “Some people did something? Wow. What a way to describe the heinous surprise attack on America that claimed 3,000 lives.”

At the March 23 event, Omar said: “CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

The Post’s Editorial Board noted that “CAIR wasn’t founded post-9/11, but in 1994. And the feds later named it an unindicted co-conspirator in a plot to steer US funds to the terror group Hamas.”