The storm is gathering on our southern border, the rapes, murders, break-ins, thefts, killings, drugs imported into the United States from Mexico. Mostly Latinos from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala Mexico. The ramification of this territorial onslaught is yet to be seen, but we will hazard a guess of its result. We haven’t heard of any illegals from Costa Rica or Belize, not to mention Panama. What brings these criminals to the United States?

These trespassers are criminals from the outset, illegal crossing borders to come to the United States for free food, free welfare, free housing, free schooling, free medical care. They are not coming here for any other reason. There is no catastrophe, no war, no purges in their home country. They are not threatened by any sense of the imagination. The number one reason they are coming here for the life of leisure. And it is not beyond our vision that the Democrats have planted the seed for them to criminally storm our border.

Russell Pearce, a former president of the Arizona state Senate who helped author a controversial immigration law in the state, appeared to advocate for violence for the U.S. to save itself in remarks delivered earlier this week.

Pearce, a Republican, spoke Monday at a rally in Gilbert, Ariz., dubbed “Patriotism Over Socialism.” Other featured speakers included Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward and Laura Loomer, whose anti-Muslim social media posts have gotten her banned from Twitter, Uber and Lyft, the Arizona Republic reported.

“And it may take the shedding of blood to keep this Republic,” Pearce. “And I, for one, am willing to do whatever it takes.”

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