Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham exclusively told “Sunday Morning Futures” that he is working to declassify a sensitive “document” that definitively proves that authorities knew the Steele dossier — which the FBI used to justify the secret surveillance of a former Trump aide — lacked any substantial independent corroboration.

Hillary Clinton was the expected “shoe in” in 2016. How could she lose against a “rude crude” Donald Trump. Impossible said the punters. Hillary was about to mount the thrown, about to, then it became apparent that all was not well in Clintonia Land. Remember, this murdering lying thief, conniver, carried a ton of baggage; from Travelgate, Commoditygate to Whitewatergate to Vinfostergate, you name it, the Clintons were not virgins when it came to slipping out of chains, they were masters, slippery as snakes bathed in oil. And they were snakes indeed.

But when the going got tough Hillary mounted a spy network through the DNC, hiring Fusion GPS founded by Glen Simpson. What happened next was to set in motion a fake dossier; this was accomplished by giving weight to the Steele man from Orbis. Hence the full operation began. Intrigue after intrigue, The FBI and CIA were part and parcel of the conspiracy. Their members relished the idea of a FISA warrant which involved of direct spying on the Trump campaign. As it turned out this was a FAKE FISA WARRANT regarding Carter Page compiled by lies by the participants.

As we have seen the cabal of Strozk and Page rendering an insurance policy, Senator John McCain (and they called him a hero) passing on salicious unverified material to the FBI in cahoots with Clapper head of National Intelligence and Brennan of THE CIA. Using all powers of the government to bring down the President. Leaking information to the CNN as Brennan did, then denying it. Trying to catch George Papadopolous in hooker scam. All in all we had a major intelligence operation gone wrong, exposed by the Trump’s allies and confirmed as “no collusion – no obstruction” VERY IMPORTANT READ by Mueller, who by now is the odd man out.

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