When it comes to crimes, statistics verify that the prevalence of the majority are committed by Democrats. And many of them are elected politicians. President Trump won a freely decided election, but has been stymied in a myriad of ways to implement the “change we have been waiting for.” Reducing the size of Big Government is of utmost importance. The swamp must be drained.

The best example of this is the attempted take down by a freely elected president. These weren’t rogue characters but ubiquitous government cloak and dagger zealots. Deporting illegal aliens is of the highest priority. Estimates of yearly cost to subsidize these leaches run into the hundreds of billions of dollars. Deficit reduction cannot occur until we clean up all of the above. And last but definitely not least is to sanitize the Supreme Court of political agendas. The court must be wiped clean; perhaps we shall engage “lock her up” for the task. The upholding of the Constitution is the sacrosanct, not adhering to it is a criminal enterprise; this must stop.

You are paying over $2 million to support this family for the next 20 years

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