Hey low-life Democrats we have a rude message for you. Go to it, bring it on, IMPEACH TRUMP. Yeah keep it up, waste every ones time; this is the way to go; bring in your scum lawyers, the ones who know not the truth but the big lie. A sure path for your success in 2020.

We know for certain that the Impeachment Hearings will bring you salutations from your left flank. Your media buddies will relish the thought of impeachment. By the way have you noticed that the “fake news” cabal has not reported on real news for some time now. Yeah that’s true. The paucity of any good news is anathema to them, so they don’t report it. You know what we are talking about here. Oh, if you don’t, how about a hint or two. Like China, an adversary who stole much of our technology, Dems and Repubs share equal in the blame, but Slick Willie was responsible for adding some extra syrup to their dessert.

How about giving credit where credit is due? Trump is trying to right the ship before it goes under; yeah guys, the Ship of State. Perhaps that is something you ditched many years ago. Maybe you thought you jumped ship, but unfortunately you are still in steerage. If it goes under this time, it will be you who takes the first gulp. No bilge pumps for the under class. Don’t forget that time does not wait for any man.

And by the way a minor thought on the primaries. We only have one guy, your team has 22 at last count; so great to see the animal instincts take hold, devouring each other like caged animals on the lose. Vicious attacks going back and forth, blood flowing from self inflicted wounds. A pleasure to see, really we didn’t know you guys had blood. From your experience we can vouch for your killing all kinds of creatures, babies in particular are your coin of the realm. Without this issue, where would you be? Oh, you will be against Trump; sorry we forgot that your vile hate mongering apparatus started on November 9, 2016, the day after the Hillary drubbing. Good thing that happened.

Wait for the replay in 2020; this will be worse. Live and learn. Go to it, start the Impeachment hearings that we all have been waiting for. We love blood sports.

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