Californians are in a hallucinogenic trance as they face an uncertain future. Many of those with deep pockets are heading for the hills faster than you can say earthquake. But we admit that those leaving the Golden State are a small minority compared to those who like to suffer S & M. What has caused this mass exodus? The latest scheme is to give free money to those who don’t work, have children and don’t have an education. No wonder they don’t have a job. At least that is what they are doing in Stockton California on a trial basis. But that is not all, the government wants to provide free health insurance for illegals. To da moon these corrupt politicians shout.

So to attract more people to replace the ones that are heading north, south or east, no west though as the cold turbulent ocean beckons; California is now offering a reward to illegals, trespassers, criminals at large. From this day forward the progressives are one step away from providing free health insurance to those up to 25 years of age. This is so they can meet the challenges of living in the Sunshine State. “California believes that health is a fundamental right,” said Los Angeles Democratic Senator Holly Mitchell, who led the budget negotiations.

This is the new Head Start program. We Bear witness to this philanthropy. Can’t imagine the this north pole incentive magnet not attracting less than ten millions from the south pole. Opposites due attract, that’s what they taught in grammar school.


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