To the uninitiated, those who sponsor relatives who come into this country are responsible for their sustenance; every last dime. However, the past is not prelude. The government has not kept track of the sponsor nor those who were sponsored. With that being said you can imagine how many sponsors and receivers have slipped through the system. Sponsors are 100% responsible for government provided costs run up by those sponsored. This includes all public benefits. Out government has been taken to the cleaners, we are suckers. Millions upon millions have slipped through the cracks. And because of this, you, the hard working tax paying citizen have picked up the check. SUCKERS we are for letting ourselves being plundered in broad daylight. But now things are about to change.

President Trump has appointed HARDLINER Ken Cuccinelli to the post of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Cuccinelli is no patsy here, he was the previous Attorney General of Virginia. A no holds bard conservative, you can expect him to lay down the law. Expect those who sponsored immigrants who are on the public dole to start shaking in their boots. In fact Cuccinelli is about to get tough by enforcing existing regulations and implement new ones that will track those newcomers who are not eligible but apply for government services.

Trump says pay up and Cuccinelli is the Enforcer

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