No message, turn to the alternative, which is their holy bible, “Rules for Radicals.”

Rules for Radicals by Saul D. Alinsky - Used (Good) - 0394717368 by Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group | Thriftbooks.com

Democrats have been using this book as their guiding light, their bible. “GO PERSONAL” the more allegations against their opponent the better. Gee wasn’t that the game plan on Kavanaugh? Not too successful! However, in the coming weeks we anticipate more and more smear tactics as the campaign of 2020 heats up. (click here for the latest SLEAZE allegation) Don’t forget, this contest is for the soul of America – for the Constitution, for the right of every American to celebrate freedom and liberty, for the Red, White and Blue; to not be brainwashed by liberal progressive educators.

The “Sleaze Machine” is not as powerful as it once was. Remember, HRC got broadsided by Trump on November 8, 2016. Now that the President is in the driver’s seat, and doing a great job we may add, he can tout his accomplishments over the past three years, press the metal to the pedal. No sense of repeating them here. However, he can remind the American voter of what the Democrats will do in 2021 if in control. A resurrection of the Obama years, but in spades. Karl Marx and Lenin would be flabbergasted in what these sleaze mongers have in store for you.

But just a step back a moment in time to 2016 in the months preceding the election. The incorrigible FBI was spying on the Trump campaign. Never before done; these were not bit players in the shadows, these were top dogs on the prowl for dirt against Trump. And don’t forget the Mueller scam operation; they found nothing. We guarantee that if this was turned around and the HRC campaign was investigated, dozens of higher-ups would be in chains. Still nothing has come yet, but we are getting close.

President Trump, “The fact is, they were spying on my campaign, using intelligence agencies to do it. … We’re trying to figure out whether they listened to my calls. That would be the ultimate. We’ll see what happens. If that happens, we’ll probably find out. If they spied on my campaign and they may have, it will be one of the great revelations in history of this country. It will be very interesting. I think we’re gonna find out.”

Trump said Attorney General Bill Barr is working “very hard” to get to the bottom the matter.

Expect universal health care, expect welfare to explode, expect regulations to be instituted hammering business, expect student debt forgiveness, but most of all EXPECT OPEN BORDERS AND WORLD GOVERNMENT.

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