The Speaker of the House is a quintessential lying Democrat, a double talking purveyor of bullsheet. Many of them have been highlighted before, but now she has gone beyond the pale. Her latest gaffe is not to be taken lightly. She implies that the President is “not beyond the law.” She wants to “lock him up.” Well, well, well. This semi trans individual is not lacking in moral turpitude; in fact she has suffered from a bout of amnesia among other maladies that come with age, such as face farting that proceeds lengthy diatribe laced with innuendo and lies.

When you accuse the President of not being above the law and then threaten him with prison we take notice. But the Madam does count the 15,000,000 plus illegal aliens as “above the law.” They are good people fleeing countries without laws. One only has to tap into social media to read the Californication – Defication that goes on openly in the streets of San Franshitsco, Pelosi’s district. Oh, so they aren’t above the law?

What goes on in the City by the Bay does not stay in the City by the Bay. It is there for all to see. Los Angeles has a similar problem with tent cities popping and pooping up by the minute. In fact LA’s most popular attraction are “poop tours.”

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