Reparations” the new buzz word in politics, the flavor of the day, the politically correct campaign theme, the warmonger call to revolution. The more of these sleaze bag politicians bring up past injustices, the more inflamed and divisive the right and left wing become. What we have here is the perpetual gasoline on the fire of hate and retribution. Obama was responsible for igniting this fire, simmering at first now gaining critical mass.

But don’t be fooled by the politicians who hate their skin color (whitees) and the ones of color who have repeated the benefits of political correctness. Many of them are filled with hate as they continue the old shibboleth “we have been left behind” because of racism and bigotry.

Back to reparations, first off who is responsible? Not the government, from a historical prospective the United States didn’t have a plantation, they didn’t have slaves working for them. So this begs the question of why would anybody in their right mind force the government to pay reparations for acts of individual plantation owners. Oh so the government condoned this, well the government condones numerous things that people don’t like.

And reparations, people of color are forget who came first, the Native Americans. If anyone deserves reparations it is them. But put this in perspective when it comes to $$$$. How much has the United States spent on WELFARE, HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION, HOUSING, FOOD STAMPS, INCARCERATION, POLICING FOR THOSE WHO SAY WE WANT REPARATIONS. Our bet is Trillions upon Trillions and it is still ongoing.

Give us our money back first, then we will talk about reparations. Not a fat chance you will get one red penny. We owe you nothing. Zilch. Got It?

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