Democrats have nothing, they are nothing, they do nothing. So now you know the reason why they always pull the RACE CARD. The Republican party has been running a small but effective campaign in peeling off middle of the road Democrats. These newly minted Republicans are sick and tired of the leadership forcing unpopular policies and directives down their throats. Their also fed up with Democrat Sanctuary cities and state strong holds going against the popular wisdom of the middle of the road voters. Illegal immigration is the number one topic heading the list. Taxes are number two, runaway government is number three.

Trump tweets “go back to where you came from”. Wow, he stirred up a hornets nest, didn’t he? They call him racist, homophobic, misogynistic; every name under the sun. It so happens these progressive know-it-alls have berated America, denigrated America, debased America, are persons of color. If they were White he would have told them the same thing. Case closed.

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