El Salvador President Nayib Bukele took the blame for their deaths, saying “It is our fault.”Bodies of father and daughter who died trying to cross into the US returned to El Salvador“We haven’t been able to provide anything. Not a decent job, not a decent school. What if this little girl would (have) had a decent school here, a decent health care system for her and her family, a decent house with water supply, a job … for his mother and his dad, a decent job?” he said during a news conference Sunday.Martinez’s mother Rosa Ramírez told CNN affiliate Canal 33 that she had tried to convince the young family not to make the journey north, but “the idea of leaving had gotten into their heads.”

We can answer all of those questions! The reason for not having a decent job, school, house, water supply is because of the corruption endemic in Latin America. Dictators rule by the iron hand, police and military are on the take and apparently the leaders dribble with “da mout” but seem to do little about it. About time the people start to realize the only way out of their predicament is to go on the war path.

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