The progressive agenda was in the planning stages for years. The teachers union realized that they could mold the minds of our youth; Hitler and Mao utilized similar tactics. Ideas planted in young minds at an early age by the education system ruled by unions, agendas planned by progressive supported educators became the paradigm. Their high handed tactics easily won the day. There was no second choice. All competition was brutalized through techniques recommended by “Rules for Radicals.”

City after city caved to progressive demands. This was made possible by the ever enlarging democrat mayors and governors who were puppets of union thugs. Down at the school level courses were designed to mold the brains of innocent youth. Socialism became every popular as a subject, environmentalism ruled the day, immigration policies began to take center stage. No longer was the Pledge of Allegiance required. This was the start of Americas march toward socialism.

The continued agenda reached out to the minorities, gathering critical mass along the way. Minority leaders were recruited by the progressive Democrats to run for high profile positions. Blacks were now seated as governors, mayors, city councils and alderman persons. Then the Latino community began their march to power. Los Angeles is the quintessential example. Bilingual education became the norm.

The progressive social agenda became radicalized with the likes of Mayor di Blasio from New York and Andrew Cuomo who followed in the footsteps of his socialist father as governor. Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore became unhinged. It spread like wildfire. Rappers started to pick up the city beat. Songs were now sewn with urban jargon; whore became ho etc. It didn’t take long for this type of behaviour to become mainstream. With the internet all things became possible, from A to Z. Liberalism became the fruit of the day. Policing was no longer possible. They became the enemy of the people. Obama weighed in with more gasoline on the already hot cinders.

And so we are come to today. The political Rubicon has been crossed. Trump has set a new course, one that is about to crush the progressive march forward. But it ain’t easy. Liberal judges, say the 9th circuit, are trying their best to stop the Trump machine. Maybe they can for a few months, but the tanks will roll across the liberal landscape bringing back law and order as it once was. That is what the Antifa crowd is afraid of; these radicals are not for peace, but for anarchy.

The illegal crusade to break into our country is the latest attempt to destroy our country. Trump is the only barrier left to stop this slug fest. Sanctuary cities are providing safe harbor for criminals of all types. State and city governors and mayors are in violation of laws. They must be stopped at any cost; jail is the only alternative to these criminals. Sworn to uphold the Constitution is not something they take seriously. Federal agents need to bring it on. Jail them, one after another, round them up is our only choice. It must be done for us and future generations.

But to top off all of the above, we now have Muslim suicide bombers in Congress. These types are sewing antisemitic diatribe, anti Israel and Zionist propaganda as never before. And AOC clammers that Pelosi is anti people of color. The war has begun, believe us when we tell you. Watch out because the Democrat party is about to implode. We shall see if the moderates can prevail, but it is highly unlikely. Others, trying to make a name for themselves among the radical left are fanning the flames.


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