Make no mistake about it, the suicide bombers et-al are preaching anarchy, violation of our Constitution, sparking violence by incitement and condoning sanctuary states and cities including harboring illegal aliens; many of them are wanted criminals.

The oath they took to obey the Constitution was only words. They never, in the light of day, did they take that oath literally. They should be incarcerated for violating that oath. The United States is a country of laws, they must be obeyed. Anarchy prevails if members of Congress find it not to their liking, they only have one choice, try to change it. Until then our laws must be obeyed for us to survive. Apparently, the suicide bombers obey only the laws they condone, violating laws they find unpalatable.

This is not something to be taken lightly. Been going on for years, that is the denigration of the White Man for a multitude of reasons; from slavery to Viet Nam, from waging war in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, from yesterday to today. White progressives have been called out for not joining the calls for equality. But lets tell it like it is. If it wasn’t for the generosity of the White Man, those clamoring for equality would still be living in the sewer pit they came from.

Now that the race card is being played to a hilt, which includes all colors, the White Man does not know where he stands. Will he be the next target? We don’t know the answer yet, but soon the racists in our midst will call for the obvious race war. The war they are raging slowly but surely. Subterfuge of the Trump administration started on day one. Be prepared, you may be the next target.

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