From Cummings mouth to your ears. Representative Cummings calls Baltimore, “DRUG INFESTED ZOMBIES

We have seen the Democrat progressives and their media supporters pull the RACE CARD at every turn. For instance, did Trump mention anything about race when he referred to the pig swamp district of Elijah Cummings? No, but as soon as the words left his mouth they called him a racist. There are no facts to back up the racist shibboleth spewing from those who cast the first stone.

Let us look at some facts. Today it was reported that in Baltimore last night that eight people were shot, one killed. Now those are facts. That was a fair night compared to Chicago, eight were gunned down and 40 injured. Guess the summer brings out the worst of the worst. Now those are facts.


(click here to listen to the debate of Spicer and Williams – please don’t throw up when you listen to Williams arguments, his claims fall flat)Aren’t those cities being run by Democrats? Of course they are, what a dumb question. Insulting Republicans that way. And Los Angeles and San Francisco, they too are Democrat strongholds. Republican run cities would never tolerate defecation on sidewalks.

How did all of this breakdown in law enforcement begin. First we must bring those who aren’t of the cognoscenti clan up to speed. Democrats and their brethren, the media slime, continued to lambaste the police, calling them racist trigger happy murderers. Police are the targets now. For instance look what happened in the Big Apple. Police were denigrated, belittled and shot at by teenagers with (disgusting video) super pumper water guns and buckets of water. The Mayor said nothing and did nothing to boot. And people wonder why de Blasio has no support from the police or firemen, in fact he is despised beyond belief. The aforementioned situation leads police to not protect and serve because they are now at risk of being injured on the job. On top of that they are ridiculed.

Moving back to the future we can isolate the beginning of the breakdown of these cities, not to mention the Black family structure. In order to solicit votes the Black Slave owner, better know as the Black pandering politician, ran on the “free everything platform”. Look what I can do for you! I can bring home the bacon and a lot more. Billions poured into the Black communities. Much of it squandered, looted by politicians and their supporting friends. Little did they care what was happening in their communities, if they did, nothing was done about it. Neighborhoods became New Jack Cities, schools became rotten to the core, social promotion the norm. Two parent families became extinct. Child discipline became an aberration.

And when concerned mothers wanted school choice these do gooder politicians said, “no way.” They were controlled by the unions who poured money into their campaigns. You get the picture by now.

So to blame the President of the United States for being Racist is the most racist statement one can think of. Don’t forget these cities are in states governed by Democrats. Isn’t it up to them to clean up the mess. OMG we are so absent minded that we forgot that Democrats like it that way; its de rigueur. So come election time these smiley politicians rant and rave that only they can to bring home the bacon. Dollars for votes, the American way.

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